Thousands of people have learned to Drive using the Clickdrive Video Training System

Used by Driver Training Schools, Public Transport Companies and other organisations who need the most effective and time-efficient Driver Training System.

Real World Training not a Simulator!

Enable full recording, replay and visualisation of driver training sessions with multiple HD videos, accurate sensors and customisable instructor inputs.

Dramatically improve Driver Training Retention with post-session training reviews allowing trainees to review mistakes in a non-stressful environment which greatly improves comprehension and critical lesson retention.

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Fully Customisable Inputs

Instructor led input is fully customisable to accommodate your own specific training programs.

Situational Context from HD Video

Improve Trainee Retention and Reinforce learning outcomes with up to four HD videos providing full situational context.

Objective Feedback from Sensors

High precision GPS and motion sensors provide accurate and objective driving analysis.

Our Driver Training Systems have been used to improve quality and efficiency of training for thousands of drivers in many transport verticals since 2019.

Accurate Data

Accurate sensor data provides objective feedback to trainees which avoids human error or possible instructor bias.

Advanced Driving

Highly suitable for advanced driver training and specialised operations training .

Suitable for any vehicle

We can support enhanced training for saloon cars, public transport vehicles, HGVs, emergency vehicles and other special purpose vehicles.

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