Advanced Driver Training

360° Review of your Driver Training Sessions.

Full HD Exterior and Interior Video Coverage

Objective sensors provide feedback on driving quality

Optimised Driver Training

Our Driver Training System allows guided instructor input and 4 camera HD video recording to maximised trainee lesson retention.
Accurate sensors and intuitive graphics provide automated and objective feedback on driving quality analysis.
Finally, personalised reports are generated for review and record keeping.

HD Video

Up to four HD Cameras can bet set up to record 360 degree road conditions, driver’s face and steering inputs to capture all aspects of Driver Training.

Instructor Input

Instructors are able to input driving infringements in real time and quickly highlight incidents to the student within the context of the full drive recording.

Accurate Driving Analytics

High quality sensors provide accurate and objective information on poor driving techniques.

Custom Reports

Customised visualizations and driving reports, allow you to create your own individualised driving reports to formalise feedback and see progress over time.

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